Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers Vermont

Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers in Vermont

Find quality Opioid Addiction Treatment centers in Vermont. Addiction treatment centers near you,  offering FDA-approved, medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorders. SaVida Health strives to deliver respectful and caring addiction treatment which is centered around the individual. Counseling, case management, and recovery assistance services are available. Contact us today if you or your loved one can benefit from our recovery services.

You are not alone, begin or restart your recovery journey today with our licensed, experienced, and caring recovery professionals today. We accept most types of insurance. Same day appointments may be available at your local Vermont opioid addiction treatment center.

opioid addiction treatment centers vermont vt

opioid addiction treatment centers vermont vt

Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers in Vermont-Services/Treatments

Suboxone Treatment
Addiction TreatmentSublocade TreatmentRecovery Help
Medication-Assisted TreatmentSuboxone ClinicSuboxone Doctors Addiction Treatment
Buprenorphine TreatmentVivitrol treatmentDrug RehabAddiction Medicine
Naloxone TreatmentSubstance Abuse TreatmentSubstance Abuse CounselingOpiate Addiction Treatment

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Vermont Locations

  • SaVidaHealth Morrisville
    31 Lower Main St Suite 3
    Morrisville, VT 05661, USA
    (802) 851-0668
  • SaVida Health Newport
    79 Coventry St
    Newport, VT 05855, USA
    (802) 487-0781
  • SaVida Health Springfield
    368 River St #160
    Springfield, VT 05156, USA
    (802) 231-4486