Opioid Addiction Treatment Woodbridge, VA

Opioid addiction treatment in Woodbridge, VA. Respectful, compassionate, and effective Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder. SaVida Health is committed to your success, offering the most effective evidence-based, outpatient opioid addiction treatment that is delivered with care and respect.

You don’t have to struggle to find a qualified treatment center near you. Your recovery from opioid addiction or dependence can start locally and close to home, in Woodbridge, VA.  At SaVida Health, our team of dedicated professionals specialize in helping you or your loved one find the addiction treatment program that will work for you.

Our outpatient opioid addiction treatment is centered on the patient and includes medication, counseling, and case management. We understand the nature of opioid use disorders. Our integrated approach helps eliminate as many obstacles as possible so that the patient can focus on what really matters-their recovery.

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We Take Most Types of Insurance - Accepting New Patients

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Suboxone Doctors in Your Woodbridge Community

Our Woodbridge, VA opioid addiction treatment centers provide individual and group counseling, medication  assisted treatment (FDA approved), and recovery support services. Our recovery support services assist our patients in meeting essential needs such as transportation, child care, and housing.

A number of our opioid addiction treatment centers also provide intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and treat the co-occurring mental illnesses which may accompany a substance use disorder.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Woodbridge, VA | Suboxone Doctors

4001 Prince William Pkwy #300

Woodbridge, VA 22192


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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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We Accept Most Insurances, Including Medicare and Medicaid

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