Opioid Addiction Treatment Worcester, MA

Opioid addiction treatment center in Worcester, MA.  Outpatient medication-assisted treatment center near you.  SaVida Health offers evidence-based, integrated opioid and alcohol addiction treatment with case management and support services. Our experienced, dedicated, and professionally licensed staff  will work closely with you towards a personalized treatment plan to support your needs. Some medication options may include Buprenorphine and Suboxone.

Treatment plans include individual counseling, group counseling, medical management of FDA approved medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol, and recovery assistance services designed to connect you with social and economic support for your recovery.

We recognize that addiction is a disease, not a personal failure. We deliver respectful, compassionate and confidential opioid and alcohol addiction treatment. Contact us today to find out if SaVida Worcester is right for you.

Medication-Assisted Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers Near Worcester

Our medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment center near Worcester provides individual and group counseling.  Our treatment program is FDA approved. We also provide recovery support services with the aim of helping our patients meet essential needs like child care, housing, and transportation. This integrated approach helps our patients focus on their recovery.

A number of our opioid addiction treatment centers also provide intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment and treat the co-occurring mental illnesses which may accompany a substance use disorder.

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Opioid Addiction Treatment Near Worcester, MA

opioid addiction treatment center worcester ma

opioid addiction treatment center worcester ma

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Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers near Worcester, MA:

North Adams, MA, Pittsfield, MA, Springfield, MA


opioid and alcohol addiction treatment-integrated treatment


Medication-Assisted Treatment

FDA approved and provider-prescribed and monitored medication to support your opioid or alcohol dependence recovery.


In-House Counseling Services

Long-term recovery is made possible through counseling. SaVida offers group, individual, family and intensive outpatient counseling.


Personalized Support Services

Case managers are counselors and social workers dedicated to assisting our patients in removing barriers to their recovery by helping them meet essential needs like housing, transportation, and child care.