SaVida Health, an Outpatient Specialty Medical Practice for Opioid and Alcohol Addiction, Expands to Penobscot County

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Brewer, ME (October 15, 2020) – SaVida Health, a leader in outpatient medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction, is opening its second treatment center in Maine to complement its Biddeford location. The new location will be in Penobscot County at 41 Acme Road, Suite 3 in Brewer, Maine and opens on November 5, 2020. SaVida can accommodate in-person and telehealth visits.

SaVida is licensed to provide Opioid Health Home Services (OHHS) in Maine and offers comprehensive, evidenced based medical, behavioral, and wrap-around services designed to meet a patient’s unique needs. In addition to prescribing FDA-approved medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol during either weekly, biweekly or monthly visits, SaVida’s licensed professionals offer psychiatric medication management, medical care, counseling, and case management.  Through its case management and wrap-around services, SaVida can help connect patients who might be experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, or unemployment to area resources. This comprehensive and integrated approach to recovery is widely accepted as the most effective form of outpatient treatment for substance use disorder today.

“We are so pleased to bring our services to Penobscot County. Our goal is to help people reclaim their lives with effective medical treatment focusing on each person’s individual needs.  Our patients meet with our providers at conveniently scheduled appointments, with telehealth being an option.  We prescribe buprenorphine-based medicines (e.g. Suboxone) and Vivitrol, which have been proven to increase the chances for recovery.  Our priority is to help patients reach their own goals through either achieving or maintaining sobriety.” said Dr. Susan Cary, SaVida Health Medical Director.

“I am very pleased to bring our services to this wonderful community,” said Sharon Shepard, Chief Operating Officer at SaVida. “Addiction is a chronic disease that has touched most people’s lives. We meet patients where they are at in their recovery and we have a very high success rate in helping our patients achieve and maintain sobriety.”

SaVida accepts most insurance plans including MainCare and Medicare as well as individuals who are uninsured.

Virtual and on-site appointments can be made by calling (207) 618-5041 (Brewer), (207) 517-5222 (Biddeford) or (833) 356-4080 or by visiting

About SaVida Health

SaVida Health is a specialty outpatient medical practice treating patients with substance use disorder. Founded in 2010 in response to the country’s growing opioid epidemic, SaVida offers evidence-based, integrated treatment including counseling, psych med management, case management, medical care and toxicology testing. Driven by the recognition that addiction is a disease, not a personal failure, SaVida Health delivers respectful, compassionate and confidential care. Today SaVida Health operates 22 outpatient treatment centers in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Delaware. Visit us at


Press Contact: Helene Murphy


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