Savida Health Donates Resources to Three Local Fire Departments and SVEC 

Press Release

Press Release

Luray, VA. (March 22, 2024) – Savida Health heard the local Fire Departments were running dangerously low on resources to battle the wildfires. So, they pulled together a team of local Practice Managers to provide some much-needed relief through fuel donations and supplies to three local Fire Departments and SVEC. 

“I live in Luray and I’ve watched everything unfold this week, it’s been tough. But dropping off donations for the men and women at SVEC felt very heartwarming – especially seeing everybody come together to help our community,” said Tabytha Brown, Area Manager of SaVida Health.

“We wanted to help maintain the safety of our communities, which the wildfires have threatened. The recent request from the Luray Fire Department was for financial assistance for fuel. Being able to provide donations allowed us to talk to not only the individuals on the front line but also the people working beyond the scenes. It’s remarkable how quickly our community rallied together in this emergency.” shared Katelyn Grady, Area Manager at SaVida Health.

“Community is a core value at SaVida, stated Andy Ward, Chief Growth Officer, SaVida Health. “Each day we witness the benefits of supporting one another and giving back to our communities. We’re honored to make a few donations as tokens of our appreciation and gratitude.”

 SaVida Health hopes their small acts of kindness and compassion will foster a ripple effect of positivity and hope throughout Page County and beyond.

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