Savida Health Opening New Office in Lynchburg, VA

Press Release

Press Release 

Lynchburg, VA (March 5, 2024)—SaVida Health, a prominent provider of outpatient medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, is delighted to announce the opening of its new office in Lynchburg, VA. This new facility, situated at 17835 Forest Road, Suite A, Forest, VA 24551, is a collaboration with the counseling services of Embrace Healthy Solutions (EHS) of Lynchburg. 

The Lynchburg office opened its doors on February 5, 2024, and is co-located with EHS’s counseling services. SaVida offers a range of comprehensive, evidence-based services tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. In addition to prescribing FDA-approved medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol, SaVida’s qualified professionals will provide psychiatric medication management and case management services, while EHS will offer counseling services. These services are designed to address not only addiction but also the underlying personal and social factors contributing to it.

“Embrace Healthy Solutions is excited about collaborating with Savida Health to bring their Substance Abuse treatment programs to Lynchburg and our surrounding areas. Savida has a proven commitment to providing quality care to individuals,” shared Bonnie Alford, Executive Director of Embrace Healthy Solutions.

“Our expansion into the Lynchburg area represents our ongoing commitment to making effective addiction treatment more accessible,” said Jenifer Salamino, President and COO at SaVida Health. “We are dedicated to offering individualized care that encompasses both medical treatment and supportive services, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.”

Jim Gardner, MD, Medical Director at SaVida, commented, “The opening of our Lynchburg co-office is a testament to our dedication to reaching more communities and providing them with quality addiction treatment services. We understand the importance of local access to care and are excited to bring our compassionate, patient-centered approach to the Lynchburg area.”

SaVida Health accepts various insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, ensuring that treatments are accessible to everyone in need. The Lynchburg co-location office will operate with the Roanoke, VA location, further extending SaVida Health’s regional reach and impact.

About SaVida Health

Founded in 2010, SaVida Health is a leader in addiction medicine. It innovates in addressing the social and economic factors directly impacting a person’s ability to recover and live a purposeful life. Recognizing addiction as a disease and not a personal failure, SaVida delivers respectful, compassionate, and confidential care. For more information, visit

Location Details

SaVida Health Lynchburg 

17835 Forest Road, Suite A

Forest, VA 24551

Opening Date: February 5, 2024

Press Contact: Katie Floyd, Marketing Director

Phone: 843.422.7544


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