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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Bennington, VT Opioid addiction treatment center in Bennington, VT.  Our utpatient medication-assisted treatment center in Bennington offers evidence-based, integrated opioid and alcohol addiction treatment with case management and support services. Our integrated addiction treatment approach can help our patients deal with obstacles like child care, transportation and housing in order to focus on recovery. Our licensed and experienced staff at our opioid addiction treatment center in Bennington provides effective, respectful, and compassionate care. You will received an individualized FDA approved medication assisted treatment plan. Medication-Assisted Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers in Bennington Our medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment center in Bennington provides individual and group counseling.  Our addiction treatment program is FDA approved. We also provide recovery support services with the [...]

Savida Health Joins Bennington Community Opioid Response Plan

SaVida Health Joins Bennington Opioid Response Plan

From the Bennington Banner An opioid response plan for the Bennington community has been drafted by a local leadership team which includes the Agency of Human Services, Public Defender’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, State’s Attorney, Department of Children and Family Services, Bennington Office of Community Development, and the Turning Point Center. This new opioid response plan will focus on prevention, treatment, recovery, and criminal justice and enjoys widespread support. SaVida Health’s Bennington outpatient treatment center is looking to begin taking walk-in patients. Read the entire Bennington Banner news article here.

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