Specialty Addiction Practice Providing Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorder

• Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment, Counseling, Case Management and Toxicology
• Medications Prescribed: Typically Suboxone or Vivitrol (Do Not Dispense)
• DMAS Preferred Office Based Opioid Treatment (POBOT) Program
• Follow ASAM and SAMHSA Clinical Guidelines
• Emphasis on Psychosocial Needs of the Patient
• Accepting Most Forms of Insurance Including Medicaid and Medicare
• Success Measured by Improved Quality of Life, Progressively Responsible Behavior
• Major Investment in an Addiction Specialty EMR for Tracking Social Determinants and Patient Retention in Recovery

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Practice Integration Opportunities :

SaVida Health offers practice integration opportunities for single purpose, medication-assisted treatment practices an  multi-specialty practices with a panel of MAT patients.

Let SaVida take the reimbursement risks and administrative burden so you can focus on practicing medicine.

Employment Opportunities:

Seeking doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, counselors, social workers and peer recovery specialists.

SaVida offers competitive salaries and attractive benefits, as well as part-time oportunities.


• Regional and Local Travel or Commuting Opportunities
• Leadership Opportunities
• Practice Within a Specialty Addiction Medicine Practice


• Eliminate Reimbursement Risk
• Significantly Reduce Administrative Time
• Scheduling Support
• Growth Through Our Marketing & Business Development
• Access to a Network of Peers

Provide Holistic Care by Leveraging SaVida’s Resources:

• Toxicology
• Case Management Resources
• Onsite Counseling
• Improved Access for Patients
• Access to Clinical Data from Addiction Specialty EMR

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