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New Opioid and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Front Royal, VA

The River 95.3 and the Warren County Chamber of Commerce Welcome SaVida Health

New Opioid and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Front Royal, VA

The Warren County Chamber of Commerce and The River 95.3 welcomed the opening of the new Opioid and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Front Royal, Va. SaVida Health’s expansion into the Front Royal community is part of a long-term strategy to provide effective, compassionate, and respectful medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and opiate substance use disorders in the state of Virginia.

Tom Purkins and Howie Lewin talk about the different types of assistance SaVida Health has to offer.

Listen to the Podcast on WZRV The River 95.3

Read the Entire Transcript Below:

[00:00:09] Hello and welcome to the Valley Today. I am your host Janet Michael. It is the Valley Business Today, Front Royal Edition. So Niki Cales is here with me from the Front Royal, Warren County Chamber of Commerce and yeah I got to say we’ve been seeing each other a lot more outside of the studio the last couple of months. It makes it so much easier when you come here because now I don’t feel like I haven’t seen you in a month.

[00:00:30] Right. Yeah. And we don’t have to do that really long catch up that we’ve been having to do, and I enjoy getting to see you a little more often. Well and I’m sure that you know because you’ve got great guests today, but normally when you bring guests they’re probably like, “What are these two girls sharing a lot about for, you know 20 minutes before I even get to tell them about me and what I do”. Exactly. And I get to see Cales. That’s the other thing. Yes, yes, yes. So I have to do the obligatory call, Pam, today at the Chamber and tell her Janet said “hi” because you know we all know how much she loves getting those phone calls. But you’ve got some really cool guests today because they’re not only new Chamber members but their business is a new business to Front Royal, Warren County that’s going to have quite an impact, I think, in our community.

[00:01:11] Oh I agree. I’m excited to have these guys here today. I’ve been actually communicating with Andy who is in Tennessee. So shout-out to Andy, who, you know, we’ve had a lot of good conversations on both the phone and by e-mail. And I was really excited to hear about these guys coming to town because the unfortunate side of it is, you know, it’s a much needed service. So we’re excited to have SaVida Health as a new Chamber member and as a new business in Front Royal Warren County.

[00:01:41] Awesome! Well Tom Purkins is here along with Howie Lewin, and so you guys are SaVida Health in its local form.

[00:01:48] That’s correct.

[00:01:49] So which one of you wants to tell me – who are you and why are you here? Give me the quick skinny what is SaVida Health?

[00:01:54] SaVida Health is a provider of medication-assisted treatment for people who suffer from alcohol or opioid dependence. We were founded in Massachusetts back in 2010. We have four centers in Massachusetts, we have two centers in Vermont, and now two centers in Virginia. Our newest center located right here in Front Royal Warren County.

Awesome and you were telling me earlier it’s right in the middle of town? It is, it’s at 316 Warren Avenue, right next to the post office. A very convenient location for anyone in the area.

[00:02:33] So going from Massachusetts and Vermont, you know, to Virginia, to then drilling down even into Front Royal. I mean obviously, you have a business decision. So Howie what went into the decision to locate here in the Front Royal, Warren County area.

[00:02:48] Well we are very excited to become part of the Front Royal community. The decision to come to Virginia was based on a couple things that the politicians in Virginia in our opinion, did a really nice job with. First, a program was created in 2017 called the ARTS program which stands for “addiction recovery and treatment services.” And in that program the Virginia state legislature and the government provided funding and a commitment to the treatment of alcohol and opiate substance use disorder in the state of Virginia. And then secondly and recently, the state of Virginia chose to participate in the Medicaid expansion. And so those two things give us the opportunity to come to Virginia and to provide addiction treatment services which includes the medical care, counseling, case management, and to also do that where we can take all forms of insurance. We take Medicaid, we take Medicare, and we take all forms of commercial insurance as well. And those those are the reasons we are excited to be here in Virginia.

[00:04:11] So do you find that that’s kind of one of the things that hold a lot of people back, maybe, from getting treatment? Is it that they feel like they can’t afford it or they don’t, or their family members don’t know how they’re going to pay for it? So the Medicaid expansion and having all of these options available from a financial perspective might ease somebody into finally seeking the help that they need?


Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment Center in Front Royal

Opioid Addicition Treatment Center Front Royal The River 95.3
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Greetings from Front Royal VA

Greetings from Front Royal VA

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