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National Recovery Month 2019: The Power of a Strong Support System

National Recovery Month 2019: The Power of a Strong Support System   National Recovery Month is celebrated every September. Now in its 30th year, this initiative boosts treatment awareness and celebrates the successes of those in recovery. This month is an opportunity to bring visibility to recovery, highlight the effective treatments available, display the strength of support communities, dismantle the stigma surrounding addiction, and bring a message of hope to those who need it the most. But National Recovery Month isn’t just for those in recovery. It’s also a special time for anyone who’s been impacted by the disease of addiction and the power of a loved one’s recovery. And, of course, it’s an especially important month of recognition for those who [...]


Suboxone Saved My Life

Suboxone Saved My Life   I grew up believing the lies of addiction stigma. Addiction only happens to bad people. If someone gets hooked on drugs, they can just decide to stop whenever they want. People who come from stable homes don’t need to worry about addiction. Dangerous drugs are sold on the streets by scary-looking dealers. I didn’t have anything to worry about. After all, I wasn’t abused as a child or abandoned by my parents. I got good grades in school, graduated from college (twice), landed a great job, and had a wonderful group of friends. I wasn’t in danger of getting hooked on drugs. Looking back, I was embarrassingly naïve. A Common Path to Addiction My addiction story begins like so many [...]

Addiction Myths

7 Addiction Recovery Myths Debunked

7 Addiction Recovery Myths Debunked   Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care how much money you have in the bank or how many PTA meetings you’ve organized. It could care less if you’re on a fast-track for promotion at work or if your child made the honor roll again. It doesn’t matter what part of town you’re from or how much influence your family name carries. Addiction can happen to anyone – you, your family member, your best friend, or even your child. Many factors influence a person’s decision not to seek help, including myths and mistaken notions about the treatment process itself. With that in mind, let’s debunk seven common addiction myths that can – and do – prevent people from [...]

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