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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Fredericksburg, VA – Dedicated and Effective Care

Welcome to SaVida Health Fredericksburg, your premier destination for opioid addiction treatment. Our clinic, staffed with expert Suboxone doctors, is at the forefront of providing respectful and compassionate care for those struggling with alcohol and opioid addiction. Our treatment is anchored in FDA-approved Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), complemented by counseling and support services, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.

Embarking on a Healing Journey

Recovery from opioid addiction is a transformative process leading to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Our treatment model in Fredericksburg, guided by experienced clinicians, incorporates medication, counseling, and ongoing support. This integrated approach is widely acknowledged as the most effective strategy for treating opioid addiction. Counseling is a key component, addressing the deeper personal and social issues accompanying addiction.

Tailored and Accessible Treatment Solutions

Our outpatient treatment facility in Fredericksburg is dedicated to making your recovery journey as accessible as possible. We offer flexible scheduling, including same-day and telemedicine appointments, to fit your lifestyle. Our licensed professionals craft personalized treatment plans, recognizing and adapting to your unique recovery path.

Commitment to Your Recovery

SaVida Health Fredericksburg provides a nurturing environment conducive to effective recovery from opioid and alcohol use disorders. Our treatment options, such as Sublocade, Suboxone, Buprenorphine, and Vivitrol, are chosen to best meet your individual needs. In addition to these treatments, we provide case management, counseling, and additional support services to aid in your long-term recovery.

Insurance and Flexible Scheduling

We accept various insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, and most commercial insurance. Reach out to us to learn how we can accommodate your schedule and insurance needs.

Start Your Recovery Journey

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us. We are committed to assisting you in beginning or continuing your journey toward recovery.

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Pam Eagle
Pam Eagle
02:11 03 Feb 24
Juliana Joly
Juliana Joly
18:45 01 Feb 24
The doctor's are great very kind passionate and easy to talk to and work with. best choice I ever made was coming here. Art the counselor is an amazing guy. I enjoy working with him. He's very down to earth and easy to talk to and a great listener. Highly recommend to anyone who is trying to find recovery and stay on the right path. You don't feel any judgement here in that's the best feeling..
Haley Rohena
Haley Rohena
14:49 07 Nov 23
They truly are so supportive and helpful. I had to transfer and was scared to do so but the whole team has made me feel right at home. They are so nice and hard working great team. Thank you!!
Stacy Jackson
Stacy Jackson
22:05 23 Feb 23
They all were very nice and understanding and truly care about their patients. They listen and don't rush you. Honestly I didn't think they were gonna remember me but they all did. I think they are the best in VA. I don't ever want to go any where else.
h b
h b
04:01 28 Jan 23
Tiffany James
Tiffany James
13:02 15 Nov 22
I love the staff and how quick they are getting me in and out. With a full time job and 6 kids my time is limited. I love Stephanie! She treats me as if I’m the only patient she has always making time to listen and Art is the best person I can ask for to talk to. He pushes me to do better and is always available if I need a listening ear. I would not be able to stay clean and sober if it wasn’t for “My team” great job keep up the good work.
Nicole Hicks
Nicole Hicks
21:17 20 Oct 22
.it's a really good place to go out to get in the program of detox and follow the program it really works! I enjoy going there
Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor
04:40 07 Oct 22
I was worried about switching to a new clinic after going to my previous doctor for so long, however all that is history and I enjoy coming to my appointments even better than my last place and I’m not just saying this in case someone sees my review. The entire staff is very kind! My counselor is funny and she likes to lecture me on my bad habits while still being so genuine and respectful! My doctor is a another added bonus because she is also so caring and really seems to be on top of everything! So instead of missing my old clinic I’m glad I came! Thank you Savida Health!!
Ashly Burditt
Ashly Burditt
22:02 25 Jan 21
Enjoy talking with Courtney at the front desk, she goes over and beyond to make your visit as convenient as possible. The Doctors are professional and are willing to work with the patients.
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Office FAQ's

  • Does this office offer same day/next day Intakes?

    Yes, if you’ve identified the need for help with your recovery journey, then we’re here to help. Every moment matters and we can provide access to professional support and guidance.
  • Is telehealth available in this office?

    Yes, if it is appropriate for where you are in your recovery journey and when it is safe and supportive for you, we offer telehealth.
  • Does this office offer Peer Recovery Coaches?

  • Does this office offer counseling ?

    Not at this time but we are hopeful to have this soon.
  • Do you accept Medicaid in this office?

    At SaVida, we believe nothing should stand in the way of your recovery – especially finances. That's why we're proud to accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most forms of commercial insurance. If needed, we'll help you with your Medicaid or Medicare application.
  • Do you accept Medicare in this office?

    Yes, we believe nothing should stand in the way of your recovery and we’ll help with applications if needed.
  • Does this office accept most commercial insurance?

    Yes, we accept most commercial insurance. Contact us about your specific plan.
  • Does this office provide Comprehensive/Primary Care?

    No - we are not a substitute for Primary Care. However, we recognize that many people struggle to find adequate care. Because of this our Providers can assist with some Primary Care needs related to your recovery.
  • Is Narcan/Naloxone available in this office?

    Yes, we are committed to patient safety and harm reduction. We want to empower caregivers and bystanders to respond effectively in the case of a needed intervention. We strongly encourage follow-up care after using Narcan.
  • Does this office offer Case Management with wrap-around services?

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