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Opioid Addiction Treatment in West Springfield, MA – Compassionate and Individualized Care

Welcome to SaVida Health’s opioid addiction treatment center in West Springfield, MA. Our dedicated team of Suboxone doctors offers respectful, compassionate, and effective medication-assisted treatment. We combine this approach with counseling and case management to address both opioid and alcohol addiction comprehensively. Our FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment program is bolstered by additional case management and support services, ensuring a pathway to successful, long-term recovery.

Tailored Treatment for Your Needs

Our treatment plans are flexible and administered by a team of licensed and experienced professionals. We understand that each person’s journey to recovery is unique, which is why our treatment options, including Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Vivitrol, and Sublocade, are tailored to your specific needs. Our approach ensures that you receive care that fits seamlessly into your life.

Convenient Local Care

At SaVida Health West Springfield, we provide FDA-approved addiction treatment within your community. Our outpatient services are designed to offer quality care without disrupting your daily routine. There’s no requirement for overnight stays, allowing you to maintain your personal and professional life while receiving the necessary treatment.

Begin Your Recovery Journey

Contact our West Springfield, MA opioid treatment center to find out how we can accommodate your recovery needs. We’re here to assist you in starting or continuing your journey towards recovery, offering the support and care you need with the respect you deserve.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, reach out to us. Our goal is to provide accessible, effective treatment options right in your local community.

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05:39 29 Dec 23
This place and all its employees are the most professional and compassionate people I've ever met..They've kept me in recovery through all my ups and downs( and there have been and will be many!!!!) Lol.. I've never been judged no matter what kind if stupidity I've brought to the table.( and believe me IM SPECIAL,to say the least..Nothing but love for all the staff at Savida!!
Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild
Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild
22:45 27 Dec 23
They're ALWAYS sweet an nice they don't judge you nor give you weird looks they're actually amazing, every person I met or seen there. Every issue I ever had was minor with them the experience is overall Great an pretty fast. Hope this helps P.S Dr. Annalise is my Favorite she's a Huge help an has always been there for me.
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez
14:05 27 Dec 23
This place saved my life and continues to work with me in my Recovery. I know it's scary to take that 1st step but believe me when I say you're in safe hands with these wonderful people. They are kind, non-judgmental and compassionate. They also keep their staff. No high turn around rate, which is a big deal when you're in Recovery. We need stability and seeing the same staff continuously helps keep us in check and makes us feel safe.
Krissi D
Krissi D
19:41 04 Oct 23
SAVIDA HEALTH is the BEST, HANDS DOWN. Sarah Kells (nurse practitioner) is an AMAZING woman’s, and has always treated me with RESPECT & KINDNESS. She has always done her job and some. Without this practice, I DONT know where I’d be. I can’t express enough how GREAT this place is, and how before I hated going to the docs, but I can’t wait to see the ladies, and chat….and catch up… GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE, STAFF(front desk girls ARE THE BEST!!!), DOCTORS, and THERAPISTS! Don’t hesitate, book your appointment today! You won’t regret it!
Eden Cuilan
Eden Cuilan
19:17 14 Aug 23
Been to other maintenance clinics and this one by far is the best. You are treated here with respect and dignity but most important it is a safe environment and respectful staff here very professional.
15:02 28 Apr 23
Very Good team an helped me a loT recommendable to anyone who really needs help and is ready to make that change.
Robyn Ruggles
Robyn Ruggles
22:04 12 Apr 23
Everyone made me feel relaxed and positive. Staff was professional yet personal. Clean and organized facility.
Robin Zello
Robin Zello
21:05 30 Mar 23
Lol Olgfnjt
Lol Olgfnjt
06:12 30 Mar 23
In the two years I’ve been a patient there has never been an issue. I’ve never had the feeling that they just want you to stay on their program, so they can just keep milking the insurance companies. They are all about working on your recovery and what works best for you. Hats off to the girls in the front, hats off the lab girls and hats off to the doctors that make my appointments quick and painless. Well maybe a little pain in the Butt!!!💉🤪 Thanks girls you rock. Jeremy
jojo la
jojo la
17:50 25 Mar 23
I am a transfer from Right Choice. The staff at Savida made it so easy ti make the transfer. The front desk ladies were all smiling and happy to answer my questions. I sat down for 2 minutes before I was called in by Ruth the medical assistant to go over all my paperwork and take my sample. Not even a minute later I was called in by Chelsea who went quickly through my history and discussed my treatment plan...I was offered counciling which I accepted. I left there feeling great. I loved that I received a text confirming my prescriptions and an informational video to watch. My appt was at 415 and I was out the door by 450. I was a very good experience and I'm glad I love my new provider as much as I loved my last. Addiction is a hard thing to deal with in life and I left feeling like I have a great plan and am positive about my recovery!!!!
nathan mark (Gonzo)
nathan mark (Gonzo)
18:16 05 Mar 23
The ladies ladys at the front always great me and everyone else with a smile. As well with the rest of the office staff are always friendly and easy to work with and flexible with your needs. The providers there are compassionate and understanding to my needs, I know I'm a difficult patient. And they have worked with me threw many set backs. There counselor there is very knowledgeable and energetic and has a great ability to direct others towards there goals in recovery. It's no doubt a excellent team that works in this office. Unlike other places that a disorganized. They all work together to ensure that your health needs are met.
23:30 15 Feb 23
When I walk into Savida , I know I'm not just a name and a number.. The staff truly cares and show a tremendous amount of compassion. They go to great lengths to assure I'm getting their complete support. Many know me better than my family does. They've helped me get my life back where I'm in control and I know I can overcome things that were overwhelming to me before. Above all, they are there for me and are prepared to find resources to help me achieve becoming the best version of myself possible. Savida brought me back into the light,.... from the dark.
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Office FAQ's

  • Does this office offer same day/next day Intakes?

    Yes, if you’ve identified the need for help with your recovery journey, then we’re here to help. Every moment matters and we can provide access to professional support and guidance.
  • Is Telehealth available at this office?

    Yes, if it is appropriate for where you are in your recovery journey and when it is safe and supportive for you, we offer telehealth.
  • Does this office offer Peer Recovery Coaches?

    No, not at this time. You are welcome to contact the local Practice Manager to discuss and provide feedback.
  • Does this office offer Case Management with wrap-around services?

    No, not at this time. You are welcome to contact the local Practice Manager to discuss and provide feedback.
  • Does this office offer counseling ?

    Yes, we believe counseling is a fundamental part of the recovery journey and incorporate it into all of our treatment plans.
  • Do you accept Medicaid in this office?

    At SaVida, we believe nothing should stand in the way of your recovery – especially finances. That's why we're proud to accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most forms of commercial insurance. If needed, we'll help you with your Medicaid or Medicare application.
  • Do you accept Medicare in this office?

    Yes, we believe nothing should stand in the way of your recovery and we’ll help with applications if needed.
  • Does this office accept most commercial insurance?

    Yes, we accept most commercial insurance. Contact us about your specific plan.
  • Does this office provide Comprehensive/Primary Care?

    No - we are not a substitute for Primary Care. However, we recognize that many people struggle to find adequate care. Because of this our Providers can assist with some Primary Care needs related to your recovery.
  • Is Narcan/Naloxone available in this office?

    Yes, we are committed to patient safety and harm reduction. We want to empower caregivers and bystanders to respond effectively in the case of a needed intervention. We strongly encourage follow-up care after using Narcan.
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